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What We Do

Lunar Productions is a manga and novel publication studio that formed in early 2007. It consists of Keat, the team leader, author, and main artist, and Kyle M. Perkins, author and scriptwriter. Lunar Productions' production line mainly consists of manga and novels, while having some short stories mixed in along the line.

Starting as a dream of the founder, Keat, Lunar Productions officially started on March 7th, 2007. Neko Sentou was the first manga created by Lunar Productions, and the first five volumes' stories were created within the first three months. Storyboarding and skecthing are still being completed (along with many simultanous series), but the first published volume should be available soon! Meanwhile, the script for the manga has been converted into its own novelization: Night Blade, which was first published in December of 2013.

Keat began creating original artwork around 2000, while still in middle school. She spends a lot of her time going back and "tweaking" some of her original work, although most of it is worth publishing when it is initially completed. She originally started drawing with the Sailor Scouts, and always uses them as a basis for her work. Along with the Scouts, Keat draws a lot of her insipration from CLAMP, an all-female Japanese mangaka group that formed in the 1980's, and have many manga (and anime) series today. Keat occasionally creates some characters for greeting cards to give to family and friends.

Originally a web engineer by trade, Kyle began writing stories when he was 6 years old. He took up web programming in high school, where he also (attempted) to draw some anime characters. His characters didn't turn out so well, so he stuck with programming. Taking what he knew and applying it to scriptwriting, Kyle writes a lot of the stories for Lunar Productions based on experience. While Keat is busy working on her original works of art, Kyle works on storyboarding for the stories.

The mini webcomic Mindless Adventures came along during 2009 (and is still a work in progress) when both Keat and Kyle adopted their second kitten, Chi (based on Chi's Sweet Home), and she started spazzing out. Mindless Adventures features both Keat's and Kyle's chibi's along with chibi's of their cats (and random people every now and then).