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The King's Rose

The King's Rose

Volume 1

Published May 29th 2015

A Treasure. A Protector. A Person. Rose

What happens when a Prince has a treasured possession - one that he would rather die then lose? That most precious treasure is Rose, the personal bodyguard, and dearest friend, to the Prince of Ostara, Zac.

Zac and Rose meet as children, when their parents decide that Rose will become the bodyguard to Zac. They grow up together until they are both teenagers, and during that time, Rose and Zac become the best of friends. It is up to Rose to take care of Zac, both emotionally and making sure that he is not hurt at all.

During the years that both of them are growing up, a fighter by the name of Orion is tasked with training Rose to protect the Prince from bodily harm. Rose learns how to read those around her with a practiced eye from this killed warrior. Soon, Orion also becomes a father figure to her as well.

It takes multiple assassination attempts on the Prince's life for him and Rose to become even closer, if that is possible. Who is the one that sent the assassins to kill the Prince, and can Rose take them down before anything horrible is done to Zac?

Finally, war comes to the Kingdom of Ostara, brought on by their island nation to the south, Trimere. Amos, the Prince of Trimere, is showing massive interest in Rose. This leads to actions that leave a bad taste in both of the Kingdom's mouths, which leads to a falling out that hurts both Ostara and Trimere.

Is there going to be something more between the two of them, or will the war destroy what has taken a lifetime to create?

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