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Phoenix Rising: Resurrection

Phoenix Rising: Resurrection

Volume 1

Expected Release May 29th 2021

Humanity's first attempt at Faster-than-Light travel looks promising, until the maiden voyage goes horribly wrong, launching the crew into a never-ending journey.

In 2387, an attempt to unify a worldwide government goes awry, sending the Earth an all-out war. After many decades, the world's economy has been vastly divided, the government dissolved, and resources depleted.

Eventually, the war continues in the stars, where the war continues between sectors and spaceships.

Meanwhile, a faction of rebels, made up of members of various races and ethnicities, living on the Phoenix, a decomissioned ship repaired with numerous parts from various words, are content on ending the war once and for all. Their research discovers the lost shuttle that attempted the first Faster-than-Light travel, adopting the crew into their own.

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