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Night Blade: Dark of the Night
Young Adult

Night Blade: Dark of the Night

Volume 4

Published May 29th 2015

With his latest attack proving useless, his friends trapped, and facing a threat of losing his own demonic abilities, Niko disappears in the middle of battle!

After a close brush with death, Niko decides that he wants to get rid of his abilities, and there is only one way to do that: with Tora's help, but it comes at a price. Will he be willing to give up his own abilities for the sake of his friends?

Meanwhile, Nakafumi and Kazeyama join the search for Niko and learn about - or already know - Niko's abilities and the demonic world. After a bit of research, and regrouping with Tsuyoki, Atamin joins the party as well in order to go after Tora and to end his overall plan to retrieve the full medallion.

Can Niko, without his abilities, and his friends go up against the all-powerful Tora, and stop his eventual ruling?

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