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Night Blade: Day of Reckoning


"4 Stars" - Self Publishers Showcase

Young Adult - Thriller

Night Blade: Day of Reckoning

Volume 2

Published April 23rd 2014

Chisai's been captured! But by whom?

The adventure scontinues when a mysterious figure appears at the cliffside where Niko and Kitsune chased Chisai, up to the point she disappeared! With the help of some local family, the duo track down Chisai's location and encounter a fight they didn't expect!

After saving Chisai, they make their way back into town, but yet again encounter more enemies over one of the medallion pieces! In the middle of the fight, a long time friend of Niko's arrives and makes a deal with Chisai and a few others, which may make Chisai double-cross Niko to give up his prized weapon: the Banish Blade.

Meanwhile, Kitsune goes up against a stranger with an ability like his own: the ability to move earth. However, the stranger is also super-strong. Will Kitsune be able to fight back and survive his challenger?

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