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Light My Fire: Ascension

Light My Fire: Ascension

Volume 1

Expected Release December 1st 2017

Dani grew on the streets of New York, learning to survive with her fellow orphans, until a massacre happens by an old member. After seeing her friends slaughtered, she is recruited by a strange purple-haired girl, who wisks her away to an odd place - a place where magic is common.

Learning her new ability of magic is a bit of a change from her previous lifestyle, especially since things work differently from any of the stories or movies that she had seen. There are levels, forbidden spells, limits, and even battles with demons from another dimension!

...until a rebel force starts to take hold and control the magical academy, which threathens Dani and her friends, along with the rules and regulations of the magical world.

What will happen to Dani, her friends, and the magical world? Read to find out!

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