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2013 Update

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Hello Everyone,

We are still alive, and we are doing quite well! Yes, even though our last blog post was in 2010, we have gone through many changes and upgrades since then.

Here's a little summary of what we have been doing since 2010:

  • Neko Sentou - we have progressed through Volume 9, continued to Volume 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and on Volume 15 right now. It's all coming to an end soon...

  • Death Rose is getting a storyline revamp. The way things were progressing wasn't really beneficial, so we are redoing (most of) it

  • Phoenix Eye is progressing. Some basic characters have been developed, and the setting has been established. Now to write the story!

  • All Souls Crescent/Omega Noir - let's see...well, we have established the characters, setting, and basic storyline for Omega Noir, but All Souls Crescent is proving to be the challenge. Why are these two in the same statement? Read the stories and find out for yourself!

  • New Website - we are (yet again) going through a new website design change. This time, it's finished. Our old one (the one with the white/black background) became very outdated, so we have ramped up the design with a more modern, sleeker (and mobile friendly) interface!

Our main artist, Keat Cahoon, is finishing up her last year of college, so things will be stressful for her. Please wish her the best of luck. On the other hand, our main scriptwriter, Kyle Perkins, is transitioning through a company change with his company, Shadow Development, so things are a bit complicated with him right now.

We'll post some more once we have been writing some stories and asking for some crowdsourced feedback!


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